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The  Real Truth

California Parents United formed a grassroots membership based union for parents, grandparents and guardians of youth. Like a special interest group but more like a coalition for goodLets face it - to amplify our collective voice and actually be heard we must be larger than the teachers unions and government actors that harmed our children these past years.

The truth is its about money and numbers. 

Join us. Help us help you.

Ready for School


The teachers unions collect over $1000 a year from a teacher and have over 300,000 members. That is over 300,000,000, yes million, in dues collected. What do they do with it?

Politics. Large salaries.

CPU charges $25 a year to provide you actual useful resources and will use the money for you


To achieve that amplified voice, our CPUnion membership base must be 500,000 or more. 

Then they will listen to us. 

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