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It is time to get our seat at the table and our voices back. 

Join California Parent's Union today and bring a friend.

Don't be fooled. Its all coming back.

The CDPH guidance is ONLY a non-binding recommendation that schools can disregard. CDPH failed to follow the statutorily required rule making process mandated under the APA.

Take these steps:

          1) Be done. No more masks. No more testing. No more quarantining. Peacefully                  push back! Look at all the schools that have gone mask choice! Hold the line! Time            is now to PUSH BACK! Mission Critical! If you don't make it stop it never will. 

          2) When schools illegally refuse in person instruction for any reason, or discriminate,            harass or endanger your child, file a claim per the California Tort Claims Act. This is              NOT a surety bond claim. This is an actual legal process. 

                    a) Call your school district and ask for a tort claim form.

                    b) Then, join a Gov Claim Legal Rights Zoom to learn more. 

          3) If a credentialed educator (teacher, principal, superintendent) breaks the law, file              a complaint against them here. Harassment, bullying, manipulation, endangerment            or discrimination are all illegal! Putting a child outside in the cold or heat - really?                Endangerment. Locking them away from other kids? Segregation. Threatening their            grades? Violates Ed Codes. All actions are breaking the law. Remember there is no              mask law!

          4) If abuse or child endangerment occurs, file a police report. Demand they take a              report and send it to the district attorney for consideration of filing criminal charges.


          5) Consider concurrently filing a UCP complaint. If denied, you can appeal to the                  California Department of Education. 

          6) If your child is being bullied by anyone, send a Gebser letter. 

          7) Is your child on an IEP or 504 plan and you are getting the run around? Reach out            to advocates and get resources here from Educate Advocate

If that doesn't work, it is time to group up and file suit.

You can read the writ filed on behalf of parents rights groups here and donate to their causes:

Santa Monica Malibu Parents United

South Bay Parents Push Back

See My Smile Campaign and #IDoNotConsent Resources
Get many resources here:

See My Smile Campaign Resources

The red mobilize link ABOVE houses the resources you'll need to provide to your school, principals, superintendents and school boards which will clearly outline the law, how they can follow CDPH guidance (which is ONLY a non-binding recommendation they can legally disregard) AND honor your parent right to choose! 

Step by Step Instructional Video
Here is a video of step by step instructions on how to implement the #seemysmile campaign...

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